Sydney Harbour Bridge

The world’s largest steel arch tower, the Sydney Harbor Bridge, is a famous symbol of one of the finest natural harbors known to humanity. Opened in 1932, the bridge has been loved by the Sydneysiders as a coat hanger. You can walk and climb or climb to the top for stunning views.
It took eight years to build the famous bridge using 53,000 tonnes of steel and six million hand-operated rivets. During construction, the two steel parts of the strong metal were orbited on August 19, 1930, at 10 pm. Other interesting facts about the famous Australian Bridge include:

The maze extends up to 503 meters
The top is 134 meters above the water
The pilon granite was excavated on the NSW south coast, near Moria
The father of the bridge is JJC. Bradfield, an engineer

Things to do

The bridge walk is on the east side. You will see stairs next to pedestrians near the Australian Heritage Hotel on Cumberland Street in Historic Rocks. Along the walk is the Southeast Pilot Takeout, which offers an amazing panorama.

The cycleway is on the west side of the bridge. You can access the bicycle path near the Sydney Observatory, a beautiful heritage building with binoculars for stargazers. You can hire bicycles in the city or join guided bike tours, Sydney Bike Tours, Bonza Bike Tours, Bikebuffs or Blue Banks.

For an unforgettable experience, BridgeClimb Sydney will take you to the top for 360-degree views of Sydney and beyond. The bridge is on Klemburg Street, near where there are road curves below the bridge and down the stairs with a colonial military battery at Dows Point (Ta-Ra) Park.

Another memorable way to marvel at the bridge is on the ferry. Cross the bridge to the circular canoe and Sydney Opera House to the Truong Zoo, Manly or Watson Bay. Or glide under the bridge to destinations including Bjاروr۔, Darling Harbor, Cocato Island, and Parramatta.

How about a tour of the turret with the Harbor Cruise? You can choose from a range of delicious Harbor cruises, including lunches, high tea, sunset cocktails or dinner trips. There are also amazing sailing tours. For helicopter sightings, fly by helicopter from Rose Bay, or by the mascot.

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