The Beautiful Kundol Lake

Kondol Lake, also known as Kondol Dand, is a lake in the Swat Valley, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, 20.8 km (12.9 miles) north of Witmore. Likewise, there is a famous story about the lake that every night a month, a golden bowl appears in the middle of the lake and shines like a moon, but no one can stop it because of the magical powers inside it. The cup was not touched. General Chat Chat Lounge

Kondole Lake lies at the height of 9,950 feet north of Atur, in the lap of the Hindu Kush mountains, surrounded by snow-capped mountains and trees. Likewise, the trail from Ludo to the lake is easy to walk because a large stream flows from the lake, which joins the Swat River in the Kalam Valley. It goes along the river and takes you to the lake. Along the way, lush forests, charming places, and charming waterfalls welcome the region. The mountains around the lake contain dense blankets of plants that greatly enhance the beauty of the lake. Condole Lake’s margins serve as a camping site for summer trekkers.

The Kondool Lake is fed by the melting of mountain glaciers and springs. This gives rise to the Afro, the main right-wing submarine of the Swat River.

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