The Du Fu Thatched Cottage

Du Fu’s cottage is about 5 km (3 miles) west of Tianfu Square. As the name implies, it was the home of a famous poet, Du Fu, in the Tang Dynasty (618-907).Du Fu was born in 712 in the mute city of Hunan Province. In 746, he took an official examination in Chang’an (called Xian) and remained there for more than ten years after the failure. But, in order to break away from the Inshi Shi uprising in 8758, he fled to Chengdu in 99 in. With the help of friends, the rooftop cottage was built in the western suburbs of Chengdu in 760 with a flower bathroom. During his four years there, he created more than 240 poems that are considered valuable national treasures.

Upon departure from Chengdu, Du Fu’s cottage was abandoned for a long time and collapsed. Hundreds of years later in the Northern Song Kingdom (960-1127) a new temple was erected on the original site in memory of this prominent figure in Chinese literature.
Since then, the themed cottage of Du Fu has been renovated and expanded repeatedly. In 1500 and 1811 two very important reconstructions were made, respectively, both of which laid the scale and structure of the existing itching cottage. Today it is a shrine to Chinese literature and a memorial museum in the form of a traditional garden.

The dove’s cottage covers a total area of ​​24 hectares (about 59 acres) and is a combination of both the Fanan Temple in the east and the Bear Garden in the west. The buildings belong to the Qing Dynasty (1644-191911), which has gardens in a unique blend of traditional Chinese gardening. Inside the broken cottage: The gardens are quiet. Canals are winding. Bridges and pavilions are built together. The trees reach the sky. Beer trees and bamboo stand together. And the classic designs bring you a strong cultural atmosphere. Also, every time you walk here, you will feel happy, because, in the spring, berry flowers, lotus flowers in summer, chrysanthemum in the fall and orchids in the winter will give you both man-made beauty and nature romance. Will enjoy

This area has many amazing structures. Next to each other in a line that divides the entire cottage area into two sections are the screen wall, the gate, the lobby, the history in the Word Hall, the Fagot Gate, and the Gong Bo Temple. On each side are coasters and other enclosed buildings that resonate with each other. This layout gives the space a seriousness, simplicity, elegance, and grace.

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