Trip To The Bondi Beach

Get up early for a stroll to the famous beach or get ready in the morning before breakfast at one of the cafes at Campbell Parade. After you swim in the ocean you will find public showers on the beach for washing salt. Visit Bondi to Koji along the coastal walk. Play nine holes at Bondi Golf Club.

In October and November, join the Sculpture by the Sea, an outdoor exhibition of 2 km coastal walks as well as the artwork. Buy take-off fish and chips at Campbell Parade and enjoy them on the beach. The sun rises as the cocktail hits the icebergs.

Visit the world-famous beach

Bondi Beach is a famous stretch of fine sand and curling waves and is one of the most popular beach destinations. You will enjoy Bondi at any time of the year. The beach is surrounded by sandstone heads, famous for walking, golfing and whale watching.

Bondi Beach is 30 minutes by train and bus to the town hall station, giving visitors insights on the culture of the Australian easy-going beach. You can find out more about the beach and its history and discover the Lets Go Surfing Bondi Surf Life Saver on Bondi Walking Tour.

Picnics and fish and chips are popular on the beach or eating at a vibrant cafe and bars overlooking the beach at Campbell Parade and in the surrounding streets.

Beach fashion and swimwear purchases by Australian and international designers are a great way to spend a few hours. Places to stay from hostels to stylish apartments.

Even the absolute novice can learn to surf at one of the recognized surf schools. Wondering the skill of surfing board riders near the southern tip of the beach. On the weekends, Bundy meets with the locals at the Bondi Farmer’s Market and on Sunday the Bundi Market.

Bondi is an attractive dining spot. You will find award-winning restaurants on both sides of the beach, spanning 1.5 km. Shanz’s panorama is at the north end and the Iceberg dining room and bar is to the south.

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